What is the NaLA-System?

NaLa is an unprecedented new net shape simulation system which was developed through industry–university collaboration with Associate professor Tsutomu Takagi of Kinki University (a professor of Hokkaido University now).
This system displays the entire shape of fishing gear in water which is practically hard to see and changes in net shape in optional current directions and speeds on your PC monitor as 3D moving images by the numerical calculation. It allows analyzing the volume of the net, the arrival depth and the load on the ropes, etc.
This NaLA system allows us to supply the most appropriate fishing gear which customer require.

Outline of system

  • 1. Design screen
  • 2. Modeling
  • 3. Calculation
  • 4. Visualization

Analysis example

Tuna farming net
Surface and medium layer trawl net

We consider fishing gear specifications that match the performance of a vessel by understand differences in the resistance and opening of net mouth by trawl speed.

Patent (No. 3870359) was obtained in collaboration with Kinki University.
  • Difference in drift of net by material density
  • Difference in drift of net by mesh size

*Net size: 20m × 20m Weight cord on net end (1.5kg/m) Drift: 0.2kt

Difference in drift of fish farming net by material density

  • Polyethylene(ρ=0.95)
  • NEK(ρ=1.59)

*Net size: Φ30m x D 12m Underwater weight (Net, Sandbag and Bottom rope): About 1t Net type: 240ply 75mm