Privacy policy

Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd. (I say "us" as follows.) recognizes importance of the personal information in the high information-oriented society which the Internet and an IT technique, rapid development of the information system brought and thinks that it is basics of our company activity to protect personal information and is social duty.
I carry it out by the following actions about our privacy policy.

[about safety measures]
We publicize safety measures according to laws and ordinances and our security policy to an employee to secure secrecy of the personal information, accuracy and are thorough and shall act for injustice access to personal information, manipulation, destruction, the prevention of the leak.

I call IT, and the personal information of the order information, please let me use it in the following purposes the inquiry contents from a visitor [about the acquisition, the use, management of the personal information].
We do not change the usage about the personal information of a visitor prescribed in Honjo without the agreement of the visitor. In addition, I can require so when the use in the specific use is refused and when cancellation of the registration is hoped for.

ETo reply the inquiry contents of the visitor
ETo reply application to employment information

In addition, when it is necessary to contact a visitor for some reason

[the observance of laws and ordinances, the model]
We observe other models applied to the observance of laws and ordinances about the personal information and personal information protection. In addition, I review our security policy program continuously as needed to meet these laws and ordinances and models and am improved.

We do not offer personal information to the third party [about a third party offer of the personal information] unless they fix it for laws and ordinances as far as there is not the prior agreement of the person.

[reference about the privacy policy]
when there are questions, please inform it of the personal information protection in the homepage than follows or an inquiry form.
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