Management Principles

創意・誠実・努力 創意・誠実・努力

Nitto Seimo has consistently paid great efforts in research and development since its establishment in 1910 in firm belief that developing products valuable for the society is precisely a manufacturer's social mission and considering that imitating lightly is the greatest matter of shame.

In such an environment, the “knotless netting” which was developed in 1925 and won 57 patents in 16 countries became a synonym for high-quality and high-strength “nets” and received a high evaluation as a product bringing a revolutionary change to the conventional wisdom.

After that, in tandem with the penetration of synthetic fibers, the superiority of the “knotless net” became widely recognized at home and abroad and it is used not only for fishing but sporting, industrial material and agricultural purposes.
Our company will contribute to the society in various fields through our research and development without feeling comfortable with the top manufacturer’s position of knotless nets.