Knotless Nets

Nitto Seimo original knotless nets

Knotless nets which we started to manufacture for the first time in the world in 1925 are produced by our original machine.
We offer the most appropriate nets which put durability after various processing.

Name Yarn type Equivalent to 36 pieces Specific gravity Features Use
Strength(kgf) Extensibility(%)
N Nylon 42~45 45~55 1.14 It has the strongest tensility among general chemical fibers and also elongation. Purse seine nets, Laver cultivation nets, “Moji” nets
T Polyester 40~45 45~55 1.38 This tensility is equivalent to “N.” It has good settling properties in water because of a greater specific gravity than “N.” Trap nets, Purse seine nets
H Polyethylene 28~32 35~45 0.95 It floats on water because of a light specific gravity. Its tensility is relatively low. It is low-priced. Fish farming nets, Trap nets, Purse seine nets, Onshore nets
VEC Ultrahigh-strength fiber 85~90 10~13 1.41 This tensility is high and the extensibility is low. This has a specific gravity equal to or greater than that of “T.” It is high-priced. It is flame-retardant. Trap nets, Purse seine nets, “Moji” nets, Onshore nets
DYN Ultrahigh-strength fiber 85~90 10~14 0.97 This tensility is high and the extensibility is low similarly to “VEC.” It does not sink in water because the specific gravity is “1.0.” It is also high-priced. Purse seine nets, Trawl nets, Onshore nets
EK High specific gravity yarn 38~42 43~50 1.6~1.7 This net balances specific gravity and strength. We have just reproduced. Trap nets,Purse seine nets
HLN High specific gravity yarn 23~17 43~48 2.5 It is prioritizing specific gravity. This tensility is relatively low. It is drift-resistant. Trap nets

Special knotless nets

We also manufacture special knotless nets.

DC-S3(Diamond Cross-Super3 Netting)
The normal knotless net are made with 2-stranded yarns but this net are made with 3-stranded.
This net surface is smoother than normal one and it is the stronger against a rub. Therefore, this is used for trawl nets.
3-SBK(3-Strands Braided Knotless Netting)
This net is braid with 3-strand yarns. This net surface is smoother and it is stronger against rub than 2-stranded one. It is also used for trawl nets.
Tailenehard (containing stainless steel)
This net is a special knotless net with yarns containing stainless steel.
It has earned a high reputation as animal damage protection nets.