About knotless nets

About knotless nets
Our knotless net was born in 1925.
All preceding nets were knotted nets. It was understood that the knotless net was the ideal, however, it was considered impossible to mass-produce them. The founder of Nitto Seimo, Teruaki Kobayashi, succeeded in the world’s first mass-production and put these nets onto the market. Since then, Nitto Seimo has always leaded the field of knotless nets.
Knotless net Knotless net Knotted net Knotted net

Advantages of knotless nets

Our knotless nets offer the following significant advantages in comparison with knotted nets conventionally used.

  • Strength
    All knotted line is broken at the knot by strong tension because the tension is concentrated on the knot. The knotless net doesn’t have the knot. It is 20 to 30% stronger than knotted nets.
  • Lightweight and no bulky
    The knotless net is 20 to 40% lighter than knotted nets of the same type and number of fiber.
    It is similarly less bulked so it saves space on a fishing vessel.
  • Less water resistance
    The knotless nets show good performances in settling, drifting and draining because there are no knots.
    The net drifting is important not only for ensuring enough space for fish to swim but also for safety operation.
  • Keeping fish quality
    Fish get damage by jumping or struggling in nets. The knotless net is smoother than knotted one so it keeps fish less damage. The fish is expected to be rated high.
Knotless net
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