Other nets , materials

“Moji” nets

We have manufactured and sold “Moji” nets for over 100 years since the very beginnings of our foundation.


“Moji” nets are used to catch mainly small fish such as young sardines, anchovies, and sand launce.
And, this net is also used for farming young fish and intermediate breeding.


Name Fabric type Use
N Nylon Standard width Trawl nets, farming nets, onshore nets
V Vinylon Standard width, large width Farming nets, onshore nets
VEC Super strong yarn Standard width Trawl nets, Farming nets, onshore nets

Knotted nets

We offer knotted nets according to various applications such as Tailenehard, Tailenehard containing stainless steel nets.


They are used mainly for trawl fishing gear, and onshore animal damage protection nets. They have earned a high reputation.