Overseas Business

The fishing industry increasingly requires overseas production and procurement.
We have expanded our overseas business with our own network and know-how which we have cultivated in Japan as a global company.


We export fishing gear including trap nets, purse seine nets, trawl nets, floats and ropes, vessels, ice-making machines and food processing machines, etc., to various countries.
We own a substantial market share in knotless nets and also boast of a record of success in tuna farming.
We supply our products mainly to Asian countries, Chile, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, the U.S. and Canada.
Each of our products is originally developed showcasing high quality and we are ready to make proposals for your needs.


We import and sell a wide variety of products including fishing materials such as floats and hardware for purse seine nets and nylon tire cords, onshore materials such as stainless steel wires and polyethylene knotted nettings from China and South Korea and agricultural materials such as binding.
Taking advantage of years of experience, we have built together with manufacturers of various countries, we carefully select and deliver products to satisfy the demands of our local customers.

Efforts in each region

We export and import trawl materials primarily through a representative in Norway.
Many of our original nets are used particularly for a codend.
Establishment of a Thai factory / Sales of trap nets to each area of Taiwan / Sales of fish farming materials to Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia / Fish farming in Indonesia (including sales of moonfish) / Efforts to deliver float-sink type farming facilities in the Philippines
Introduction of small trap nets into Papua New Guinea / Sales of products related to trawl nets to New Zealand / Overseas purse seine nets
South American
Establishment of a Chile factory / Anchovy purse seine nets / Salmon farming nets