Onshore business

We offer products which can be used in various scenes from many kinds of sports nets, construction sites to agricultural applications including home screen doors and animal damage protection nets with a high quality and high strength “net” as an advantage.
In addition, we are consistently ready for design, installation and maintenance based on knowledge and experience which we have developed as a leading manufacturer of “nets.”
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Animal damage protection nets

Feeding damage by animals has sharply increased on agricultural crops and tree plantations in recent years.
We, the Nitto Seimo group, first invented animal damage protection nets in Japan about thirty years ago, and a net system with years of know-how and a record of success including nets containing stainless steel are lightweight and in harmony with nature, as well as minimize damage.
In addition, our record of success and production capacity is the most well known in Japan, and the nets which we deliver respond to various scenes of vast nature.

Ball protection net

The Basic Act on Sports was established and facilities for lifelong sports and community-based cultural exchanges are being built.
School grounds are open to the public and sports facilities are required to be used for multi-purpose activities.
There are many scenes where our ball protection nets play active roles for these diversified needs, and our highly durable Ryhilene ball protection net series which can respond to tough conditions has earned a high reputation across the country.
We are consistently performing design, installation and maintenance including production.
That’s why these products can be used safely and reliably.