Trawl nets

There are three types of offshore trawling, Danish seine type, Otter trawl and Pair trawl.
The Danish seine type: 1) A boat casts a buoy, rope, a net and the other side of rope in square. 2) It picks up the buoy. 3) It tows the net narrowing the distance of the ropes.
The otter trawl: A boat tows a net using otter boards which stretch the net horizontally.
The pair trawl: A pair of boat tows a net in parallel. This fishing operates at specific area.
The trawling is one of fishing method which is most prevalent and commonly around the world.

Strengths of Nitto Seimo

  • Offering fishing gear depending on various needs

    The type of fishing gear differs depending on boat capacity and type of target fish species.
    We offer various fish gear products to match customer demand.

  • Design of fishing gear

    We design fishing gear by fully using know-how which we have accumulated over many of success for contributing to your catch.

  • Simulation of net shape

    We verify how our designed net spreads by simulation software (NaLA system).
    We design a new net with this verification.
    We also provide some redesign after the verification from your net draft.

  • Forming and finishing by experts

    We offer high quality trawl net forming based on many years of success and experts.