Fish farming nets

It is called fish farms that culturing fish and shellfish for fishery resources protection and stable supply of marine products.
There are two methods of fish farms 1) from eggs to fry and growing them to adults in open water and land facilities (The complete farm raising), 2) catching young and growing them to adults.
Tuna could be raised from egg but the other are cultured from young commercially.
For the farming, chemical fiber net is common used but sometime wire net is used just for small fish.

Strengths of Nitto Seimo

Total support

We provide not only nets but also selection the best farming area by survey (current, water temperature, isobaths and bottom sediment) and assist in the installation of the facilities.
And we also support total management including the arrangement of prey and feed and sales of farmed fish.


There are various area and conditions for each framing. It is difficult to design a tuna farm.
We design it with simulation software (NaLA system) that calculates deformation of net by current and waves and loads to each part of it.

Overseas business

We have promoted globalization fully using experience and technology in the fish farming field we have domestically accumulated over many years.
In particular, we are expanding our businesses mainly in Southeast Asian which have been experiencing significant development in recent years.
In 2012, we established a Thai factory to strengthen our production system and expand our sales network, and, started fish farming research in collaboration with a fish farming company in Indonesia.
We contribute to the development of overseas fish farming industries by total technical suggestion from seedling production and farming to distribution sales.

Open sea large sink-float type farming facilities

Most domestic quiet waters suitable for farming are already in use.
So the technology enabling stable farming even in wavy and current open waters which were not suitable for it is required.
In order to solve this problem, we have developed the world’s first “Large sink-float type farming facilities” using an HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe.
It sinks and floats while farming.