Trap nets

Trap nets are said to have originated more than 400 years ago, and spread across the country from Yamaguchi, Toyama and Miyagi Prefectures
Trap nets consist of a “Side lining” which secures the other fishing gear and “net fabric” which guides a school of fish and retains them.
Most trap nets are installed in seas shallower than 100m, offering the advantage of a short travel distance from land to fishing site.
The short travel distance reduces the time between catch and delivery of fish to consumers, guaranteeing satisfaction and quality.
Because this is a passive fishing method, only about 20% of a school of fish entering a net can be caught. This is called a resource control type fishing method.

Strengths of Nitto Seimo

High specific gravity net

Because trap nets cause fish entering the net to stay in the net for a long time, a system to reduce net drifting with current is required.
The high specific gravity yarn (EK) is Nitto Seimo’s unique technology which distributes specific gravity over the entire net yarn to reduce net drifting.
This special net is used at a variety part of trap nets such as the reader, the playground and the last catching box.

Net drifting simulation

By using simulation software (NaLA system), we design nets which do not easily drift with the current by use of.
This software computes what part of the entire trap net forces are applied to when the net is subject to currents, and selects the most appropriate material and strength of net and rope.
This software also calculates buoyancy and settling force of the entire net to offer net designs that match each particular fishing ground.

Development of labor saving machinery

Lifting nets and guiding fish into the final section of a bag net is labor intensive. Nitto Seimo has promoted the development and introduction of labor saving machinery suitable for each type of fishing site.
Through cooperation between industry, academia and the government, we have developed a new lifting net method (using HDPE) to raise trap net.

Fish commissioned sales

In order to provide additional value to fish caught by trap nets, we are making introductions through our own sales routes.