Company History

A product with the originality

Our company was established on August 1, 1910 as Saibi Moji-Ori Co., Ltd.(Renamed as Nippon Seimo Co., Ltd. in 1948 after the following changes of trade names.)Then, Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd was established on April 1, 1963 merging Toyo Somo Kogyo Co., Ltd. which was established on February 25, 1936 and remained as the formal surviving company.

August 1910 Established Saibi Moji-Ori Co., Ltd. for the purpose of manufacturing and selling normal minnow nettings.
May 1914 Invented improved type of minnow netting improving normal minnow netting.
October 1925 Invented knotless netting machine winning 57 patents in 16 countries including Japan.
November 1936 Succeeded in manufacturing knotless netting covering all specifications of fish nettings of fine twines and small meshes.
May 1937 Changed the trade name to Nippon Seimo Co., Ltd.
May 1939 Listed on Osaka Stock Exchange
July 1944 Merged Fukuyama Seiki Co., Ltd. and changed the trade name to Nippon Zoki Seimo Co., Ltd.
August 1945 The factory located in Fukuyama City was burned down by the war.
January 1946 Built Takaoka factory in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture for the purpose of manufacturing knotless nettings.
February 1946 Rehabilitated Fukuyama Factory and changed the trade name to Nippon Seimo Zoki Co., Ltd.
November 1948 Merged Fushinashi Gyomo Co., Ltd. and changed the trade name to Nippon Seimo Co., Ltd.
April 1949 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange second section and Osaka Securities Exchange.
April 1963 Merged with Toyo Somo Kogyo Co., Ltd., Nagoya City and changed the trade name to Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd.
June 1963 Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange second section.
December 1963 Spun off the machinery division of Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd. and established a subsidiary company Nihon Turning Co., Ltd.
May 1966 Established a subsidiary Taku Seimo Co., Ltd. in Taku City, Saga Prefecture.
April 1968 Built Fukuyama Factory newly at Ichimonji Cho, Fukuyama City and moved and integrated the facilities of traditional Fukuyama factory and Nagoya factory.
August 1973 Listed in the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange.
July 1980 Constructed a branch factory for fish net building, repairing and antifouling finish in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture.
September 1983 Constructed Doto Factory in Shibechacho, Kawakamigun, Hokkaido for fish net building, repairing and antifouling finish.
December 1987 Established overseas subsidiary Redes Nitto (Chile) Ltda. in Chile, South America.
April 1992 Established a subsidiary Nitto Kikaku Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.
August 1998 Spun off the net building division and the antifouling finish division and established a subsidiary Nitto Net Co., Ltd. in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture.
April 2005 Took over the business of Taito Seiko Co., Ltd. of Maruha Group and started business under new administration in which Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd. succeeded its marine materials division including trawl division and marine products division, etc. and Taito Co., Ltd. (Former Nitto Kikaku Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.) succeeded its industrial materials division including insect screen, animal damage protection net, etc.
October 2011 Took over a part of business of Benny Toyama Corporation which was consolidated subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd. and Taku Seimo Co., Ltd. succeeded and started its business.
July 2012 Established overseas subsidiary Thai Nitto Seimo Global Co., Ltd. in Thailand.