About Nitto Seimo
Top manufacturer of knotless nets

Nitto Seimo Group plays an active role in various fields through its global sales and service network with its core business of production and sales of knotless nets, knotted nets, minnow nets and ropes for fishery and onshore use and sales of laborsaving machineries and equipments for vessels and fishing operation as well as marine products.

Our visions are “Marine Solution Business" in the fisheries sector aiming at contributing to the stable supply of fish products and increasing the food self-sufficiency and “Life Solution Business" in the industrial material sector which aims to contribute to the improvement of the convenience and the safety of your life with our eco-friendly products.

Business Activities Fishery-related Business Fishery-related Business
We consistently focus our eyes on the fishing operation site. Based on our experiences built up and the know-how cultivated there, we respond to our customers' various demands using our latest technology.
Marine Product Distribution Business Marine Product Distribution Business
We are handling wide range of fish from fresh fish and live fish just landed on Japanese shores to overseas frozen fish products.
Overseas Business Overseas Business
In the fishing industry, needs for the production and the procurement overseas are increasing.
As a global company, we are developing our overseas business armed with the know-how using our own network.
Onshore-related Business Onshore-related Business
We supply products to be used on various scenes covering home screen windows, various sporting nets and construction site and agricultural uses.
Environmental Business Environmental Business
Nitto Seimo Group is working on the campaign to save the precious Earth for the children in the next generation through the “environmentally burdensome substances reduction activity."
Survey, Research and Development Business Survey, Research and Development Business
We are developing “nets to meet the demands" in the diversified environment based on the material research and field circumstance study.
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Dec 01,2007
We renewed our home page.
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